Umrao Jaan-Director-Muzaffar Ali

Rekha as Umrao Jaan

Q. Who is the Director of the Film Umrao Jaan released in the year 2006?

A. Muzaffar Ali is Director of Film Umrao Jaan released in the year 2006.

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Lyricist – Shahryar

Music Director – Khayyam

Star Cast


Farooq Sheikh

Naseeruddin Shah

Raj Babbar

Shaukat Kaifi Azmi

Prema Narayan

Dina Pathak

Gajanan Jagirdar


1.Dil Cheez Kya Hai Aap Meri Jaan Lijiye, Bas Ek Baar Mera Kaha Maan Lijiye,

Bas Ek Baar Mera Kaha Maan Lijiye.

2.In Ankhon Ki Masti Ke, Mastane Hazaron Hain, Manstane Hazaron Hain,

In Ankhon Se Vabasta, Afsane Hazaron Hain, Afsane Hazaron Hain, In Ankhon Ki Masti Ke.

3.Justuju Jiski Thi, Usko To Na Paya Hamne, Is Bahane Se Chalo Dekh Li Duniya Humne,

Justuju Jiski Thi.

4.Kahe Ko Byahi Bides, Oh Lakhya Babul More.

5.Zindagi Jab Bhi Teri Bazm mein Lati Hai Hamein,

Yeh Zameen Chand Se Behtar Nazar Ati Hai Hume.

6.Yeh Kya Jagah Hai Doston, Yeh Kaunsa Dayar Hai, Yeh Kaunsa Dayar,

7.Jhoola Kinne Dala

8.Jab Bhi Milti Hai Mujhe, Ajnabi Lagti Kyon Hai

9.Pratham Dhar Dhyan

Zindagi Tujhko To Bas Khwab Mein Dekha Humne

A girl  (Teenager Rekha) is kidnapped from her family in Faizabad, Oudh
by their neighbor, Satish Shah, and sells her to a courtesan Shaukat Kaifi
Azmi, who owns a brothel in Lucknow.  She trains courtesans (tawaif), she
gives Rekha a new name Umrao Jaan. Umrao Jaan  (Rekha) learns to read,
write, dance, sing, and charm wealthy men. She is a cultured woman trained to
captivate men of wealth and taste. A grown-up Umrao Jaan

(Rekha) catches the eye of Nawab Sultan (Farooq Sheikh), and they fall in
love. But Farooq Sheikh has to marry another girl to please his family.

Devastated Rekha finds solace in the arms of a dashing Bandit-Decoit, Faiz
Ali (Raj Babbar), he woos and wins her. Umrao Jaan ( Rekha) runs away with Raj
Babbar, hoping to marry him, and leave the world of the courtesan far behind.
But Raj Babbar is killed by local police and she is alone, with no choice but
to return to her old life.

Soon, the British attack the city of Lucknow, and the residents are forced to
flee. Umrao Jaan’s (Rekha) group of refugees stop in a small village near
Lucknow. The residents ask the courtesan to sing and dance. Umrao Jaan (Rekha),
looking around her, realizes that this is her own town, Faizabad, her family,
the place from which she was kidnapped. She had been so young when kidnapped
that she had forgotten. 

She remembers her mother, house, younger brother, and the place she was
kidnapped. She sings the song, “Yeh kya jagah hai doston?” (What kind
of place is this, friends?). She is hurt, as her own people were treating
her like an entertainer.

She meets her mother and younger brother, who had thought that she was dead.
Her mother is happy to see her again and ready to welcome her back into the
family, but her brother forbids it.  He says, she is tainted by her
profession and must not return to embarrass them.

In the end, Lonely Umrao Jaan (Rekha) returns back to her deserted and looted
brothel in Lucknow, with no-one to accompany her.  She has to start again,
her profession and poetry.

The Climax scene is very beautifully directed, REKHA CLEANS THE DUSTED 


Rekha won National Award for Best Actress

Asha Bhosle won National Award for Best Playback Singer

Khayyam won National Award for Best Music Director

Manzoor won National Award for Best Art Director

Muzaffar Ali won Filmfare Award for Best Film Director

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