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Thriller Films Of The Year-1960-1970

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Q. How many Thriller Hindi Movies Released between 1960 to 1970 ?

A. 5 (Five) Suspense-Thriller Movies released between

The year 1960 to 1970.

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Movie Name               Year of Release

Bees Saal Baad                                   1962


Biswajit-Waheeda Rehman-Manmohan Krishna-Sajjan-

Madan Puri

Producer, Singer,  and Music Director – Hemant Kumar

Lyrics – Shakeel Badayuni


1.Zara Nazron Se Kahdo Ji Nishana Chook Na Jaye

2.Bekarar Karke Hamein Yun Na Jaiye

Aapko Hamari Kasam Laut Aaiye

3. Ah Mohabbat Meri Duniya MeinTera Kaam Na Tha

4. Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil, Zara Dekhle Aakar Parwane,

Teri Kaunsi Hai Manzil, Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil

5.Sapne Suhane Ladkapan Ke,

Mere Naino Mein Dole Bahar Banke

The Thakur of viilage rapes a young girl and the girl kills herself. After some time the Thakur and his son is killed. The villagers think the girl’s spirit has killed both of them.

Twenty years after the Thakur’s death, his grandson Biswajit comes to the village.  He is warned by the Villagers that the spirit will kill him, but he does not believe them. In night Biswajit hears the singing voice of the supposed spirit.

The next day Biswajeet meets a beautiful and carefree girl Waheeda Rehman.  She is Neice of Manmohan Krishna.

The singing continues the second night, but Biswajit is unable to find the identity of the girl singing the song. He notices that there is a source of light in his house on the terrace.

The next day, Biswajit’s Coat is misplaced. The news reaches Waheeda Rehman that Biswajit been killed. She does not believe this and runs into the forest, where Biswajit comes in front of her. He says  another man wearing his coat has been killed. He was killed under the same tree where his father and grandfather were killed. Waheeda Rehman advises Biswajit to leave, since a person wearing his coat was killed by the spirit, he will also be killed, but Biswajit wants  to stay back.

Manmohan Krishna forbids Waheeda Rehman  to meet Biswajit people say she would be killed too. Biswajit, meanwhile tries to figure out who is doing all this. Seeing Waheeda Rehman so sad, Manmohan Krishna tells her to call Biswajit near the tree, where they will talk. Biswajit goes there, and the spirit tries to kill him, but he escapes.

Waheeda Rehman finds out that the one who was pretending to be the spirit of the girl was none other than her uncle Manmohan Krishna. The girl was Manmohan Krishna’s daughter who had been raped by the Thakur, so he killed Thakur and his son and was trying to kill his grandson now. Police arrive and persuade Manmohan Krishna to surrender himself. Biswajit and Waheeda Rehman live happily ever after.

Filmfare Awards

 Best Lyricist – Shakeel Badayuni for Song Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil

Best Female Playback Singer – Lata Mangeshkar

For Song – Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil

Best Editing – Keshav Naidu

Best Sound Design – S.Y.Pathak


Released in 1964


(Thriller Film)  1964



Waheeda Rehman

Abhi Bhattacharya

Asit Sen

Madan Puri

Tarun Bose

Badri Prasad

Sujit Kumar

Lalita Pawar

Shaukat Azmi

Producer, Singer,  and Music Director – Hemant Kumar

Director – Biren Naag

Lyrics – Kaifi Azmi


Yeh Nayan Dare Dare,

Yeh Jaam Bhare Bhare,

Zara Peene Do

Jhoom Jhoom Dalti Raat

Leke Chali Mujhe Apne Saath,

Jhoom Jhoom Dalti Raat

Raah Bani Khud Manzil

Peechhe Reh Gayi Mushkil

Saath Jo Aye Tum

Kahe Bajai Tune Papi Bansuriya

O’Bekarar Dil, Ho Chuka Mujhko Ansuon Se Pyar

Mujhe Tu Khushi Na De, Nayi Zindagi Na De

O’Bekarar Dil


Waheeda Rehman meets a rich man Biswajit. They both fall in love and get married. Biswajit  brings new bride Waheeda Rehman  to his home. It is huge mansion with all vintage antiques and curtains. Waheeda Rehman learns from servants about Biswajit’s first wife, who died in mysterious circumstances about a year ago.

The housekeeper Lalita Pawar, who was also the nanny of Biswajit’s First Wife is visibly disturbed by Biswajit marrying again and does not like Waheeda Rehman.

Biswajit leaves on a business trip for a few weeks and Waheeda Rehman is left to herself. This is when she encounters supernatural phenomena in the mansion and is haunted by the memories and spirit of Biswajit’s first wife.

Recovering from shock, Waheeda Rehman decides to do her own investigation of  Biswajit’s first wife’s  mysterious death. One by one she uncovers shocking dark secrets about Biswajit, his first wife and various other people.

The film was adapted from Daphne Du Mayrier’s novel “Rebecca”.

Noted Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock also made film “Rebecca, with supernatural twist. Kohra is a classic film.

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Bhoot Bangla

(Year of Release 1965)                                  


Mehmood-Tanuja-Nazir Hussain-Mohan Choti-R.D. Burman

Nana Palshikar-Shivraj-Moni Chatterjee-Asit Sen

Producer-Usman Ali

Director – Mehmood

Music Director – R.D. Burman-Kishore Kumar-Manna Dey

Lyrics – Hasrat Jaipuri


1.Jago Sone Walo, Suno Meri Kahani

Singer-Kishore Kumar

2.Aao Twist Karen-Ya Khuda Mausam


3.O Mera Pyar Aaja

Singer-Lata Mangeshkar

4.Ek Sawal Hai

Singer-Kishore Kumar

5.Main Bhookha Hoon Tujhe Kha Jaunga

Bhoot Bungla                                                                                                  

Singer-R.D. Burman

6.Pyar karta Ja, Pyar Karta Ja,

Dil Kehta Hai, Dil Kehta Hai,

Katon Mein Bhi Gul Khila De.

Singer- Manna Dey


Fifty years ago, Tanuja’s Uncle was murdered and his wife and child vanished on a dark night, at the haunted bungalow surrounded by a jungle in the outskirts of Mumbai.

At Present Tanuja’s three uncles Nazir Hussain, Nana Palshikar and Ramu.are living in the bunglow..  On the eve of Nana Palshikar’s daughter Tanuja’s return from London, Nana Palshikar is killed in a car accident which is suspected as a murder. The suspicion is reinforced when Ramu is found hanging in his bedroom on the same night. Post-mortem reports claim he was murdered before being hanged.

Nazir Hussain and Tanuja move out of the bungalow to their home in the city and live there. However Tanuja receives threatening phone calls about her death.

She meets Mehmood, the president of a local youth club, when he defeats her in a music competition. She soon confides to Mehmood about the phone calls and Mehmood begins to investigate into the calls. Tanuja and Mehmood fall in love with each other.

In the end the mystery is solved and all ends on a happy note.

A horror comedy, good to watch.


A Suspense Thriller Film

Year of release 1965              


Manoj Kumar-Nanda-Pran-Helen-Madan Puri-Mehmood-

Manmohan-Dhumal-Laxmi Chhaya-Tarun Bose

Producer-N.N. Sippy

Director – Raja Nawathe

Music Director – Shankar Jaikishan

Lyrics – Hasrat Jaipuri


1.Gumnaam Hai Koi, Badnaam Hai Koi

Kisko Khadar, Kaun Hai Woh

Anjaan Hai Koi, Gumnaam Hai Koi

2.Hum Kale Hain To Kya Hua Dilwale Hain

Hum Tere, Tere, Tere Chahane Wale Hain

Hum Kale Hain To Kya Hua Dilwale Hain

3.Jane Chaman, Shola Badan, Pahlu Mein Aa Jao,

O Mere Dil, Mere Humdum, Bahon Mein Aa Jao

4.Peeke Hum Tum Jo Chale Aye Hain Is Mehfil Mein

Ik Naya Rang Jama Denge Hum Is Mehfil Mein

5.Is Duniya Mein Jeena Ho To Sunlo Meri Baat

Gham Chhodke Manalo Rang Reli

Manlo Jo Kahti Thi Katty

6.Jaan Pehchan Ho, Jeena Asaan Ho

Dil Ko Churane Wale Ankh Na Churao

Naam To Batao, Jaan Pehchan Ho

7.Ayega Kaun Yahan, Kisko Sadayen Deta Hai Dil

8.Ik Ladki Hai Jisne Jeena Mushkil Kar Diya

Woh Tumhi Ho Mahjabi, Woh Tumhi Ho Nazneen


Nanda’s Uncle’s partners two wealthy men, hires an assassin to murder him, and after killing him informs the victim’s niece, Nanda, of his death, on the phone.

A few days later, Nanda wins a trip to a foreign country with six others: Barrister Pran, Dhumal, Manmohan, Dr.Madan Puri, Taun Bose and Helen. The aircraft carrying the six winners and crew member Manoj Kumar is forced to make an emergency landing at an unknown island. However, as soon as Manoj Kumar and all the passengers alight from the plane, it takes off, leaving everyone stranded.

A mysterious, unseen woman starts singing a song. Gumnaam Hai Koi, Badnaam Hai Koi, Kisko Khabar Kaun Hai Woh, Anjaan Hai Koi (The song is heard at different points in time during the film without the woman being seen.)

The group notices a mansion and enters it. The mansion seems to be unoccupied except for a  Dark butler Mehmood. Dhumal finds a diary that reveals that they are all connected to a crime, and that they all will be killed.

Manoj Kumar discovers Dr. Madan Puri has brought with him a bottle of poison, and Dhumal has brought a dagger. The butler’s actions indicate the presence of an unknown person in the house.

Manoj Kumar starts flirting with Nanda while Barrister Pran and Helen become close. Everyone is suspicious of everyone else.

Manoj Kumar and Nanda find Manmohan’s corpse. The killer has left a note stating that Manmohan had murdered Sohanlal. The group deduces Dhumal killed Manmohan but he pleads innocence. Dhumal is later found dead. Manoj Kumar concludes the culprit is among them.

It becomes clear that everyone in the house was connected to Sohanlal. Helen was Sohanlal’s secretary. Barrister Pran wrote Sohanlal’s will on Khanna’s orders.  Helen sent the will to Barrister Pran on Khanna’s instructions, though neither knew about the other.

Manoj Kumar notices Barrister Pran hiding an axe. Later, Dr. Madan Puri arrives, screaming that Tarun Bose has been killed with an axe. The killer leaves another note stating Tarun Bose was Khanna’s co-conspirator in Sohanlal’s murder.

Manoj Kumar accuses Pran of Tarun Bose’s murder. Dr. Madan Puri catches the butler Mehmood acting suspiciously. He learns the butler’s secret and a scuffle ensues between them. Madan Puri enters the dining room, utters Manoj Kumar’s name, and collapses in the presence of Nanda and Helen. They realise that he has been stabbed. Nanda starts questioning her faith in Manoj Kumar.

Helen goes for a walk by herself and is strangled. Pran and Nanda, searching for Helen, find her corpse. Manoj Kumar’s hat is lying near the corpse. Pran sees Manoj Kumar and starts chasing him, but loses his trail. In a fit of rage, Pran tries to rape Nanda. She escapes but runs into Pran again as he collapses with two daggers in his back. The mansion’s lights go out, which indicates the killer has arrived and that Nanda is next.

The killer approaches her and she faints. He carries her into a secret room and revives her. Tarun Bose, the killer, tells Nanda convinced Dr. Madan  Puri to help him fake his own death. He then murdered the doctor. Manoj Kumar appears and reveals he is a police inspector. Tarun Bose is an escaped convict whose real name is Madanlal.

Tarun Bose reveals that he, Khanna, and Sohanlal were partners in smuggling. However, after Tarun Bose was caught by the police, the other two betrayed him. Khanna then had Sohanlal killed to usurp his share of  money as well. After Tarun Bose was released, he killed Khanna and ensured his targets “won” the lucky draw and took the trip.

Tarun Bose ties up Manoj Kumar and Nanda. However, the butler Mehmood secretly frees Manoj Kumar. As Tarun Bose is about to shoot Nanda with the only bullet, Manoj Kumar attacks him. Tarun Bose escapes the mansion and runs toward the shore. A plane full of policemen arrives and Tarun Bose is arrested. The “ghost” woman who sings the ominous song turns out to be the butler’s mentally ill sister. Manoj Kumar and Nanda, the butler Mehmood and his sister leave on the plane.

Gumnaan a Best Thriller film or a murder mystery film.

The film’s plot was adopted by Then there were none by Agatha Christe.


Yeh Raat Phir Na Ayegi      

Yeh Raat Phir Na Ayegi

A Suspense Thriller Film                 

Year of Release 1966

Director – Brij

Music – O.P. Nayyar

Lyrics – Aziz Kashmiri and S.H. Bihari


Prithviraj Kapoor


Sharmila Tagore


Shailesh Kumar



1.Huzoorewala Jo Hogi Izazat,

To Hum Ye Sare Jahan Se Kehde

Tumhari Adaon Pe Marte Hain Hum

Ye Kisne Kaha Hai Ke Darte Hain Hum

Singer – Asha Bhosle-Minoo Purshottam

2. Mera Pyar Woh Hai Jo Markar Bhi Tumko

Juda Apni Bahon Se Hone Na Dega

Singer – Mahendra Kapoor

3.Yahi Woh Jagah Hai, Yahi Woh Fizayen

Yahin Par Kabhie Aap Hum Se Mile The

Inhe Hum Bhala Kis-Tarah Bhool Jayen

Yahin Par Kabhie Aap Hum Se Mile The

Singer – Asha Bhosle

4. Main Shayad Tumhare Liye Ajnabhi Hoon      

Magar Chand Tare Mujhe Jante Hain

Yeh Sare Nazare, Mujhe Jante Hain

Singer – Asha Bhosle

5. Aap Se Maine Meri Jaan Mohabbat Ki Hai

Aap Chahen To Meri Jaan Bhi Le Sakte Hai

Aap Jab Hain To Mere Paas Mera Sab Kuchh Hai

Jaan Kya Cheez Hai Imaan Bhi Le Sakte Hain

Aap Se Maine Meri Jaan

Singer – Mohmed Rafi- Asha Bhosle

6. Phir Miloge Kabhie Is Baat Ka Wada Karlo

Humse Ik Aur Mulaqat Ka Wada Karlo

Phir Miloge Kabhie Is Baat Ka Wada Karlo

Singer – Mohmed Rafi- Asha Bhosle

7. Har Tukda Mere Dilka Deta Hai Duhai

Dil Toot Gaya Apko Awaaz Na Ayi, Awaz Na Ayi

Singer – Asha Bhosle

8. Mohabbat Cheez Hai Kya, Mohabbat Kar Ke Dekhenge

Wafa Kehte Hain Kisko, Kisipar Mar Ke dekhenge

Mohabbat Cheez Hai Kya

Singer – Asha Bhosle


Yeh Raat Phir Na Ayegi is a suspense thriller film about a woman’s years old skeleton coming into life as Sharmila Tagore.  It is excavated by Mumtaz and her Assistant Shailesh Kumar from an archaeological site.

Prithviraj Kapoor is Mumtaz’s father.  Mumtaz is engaged with Biswajit.  Twist in the story is that Sharmila Tagore claims that Biswajit is her lover of past life.

Very good direction of Brij, till climax audience is glued to screen.

Beautiful songs by O.P. Nayyar’s super hit music.

Art Director Sant Singh Best Filmfare Award for Art Direction.

(Photo Courtesy of Pixabay)

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