Saaheb-Bappi Lahiri’s Top Music-Film

Playing Football is Saaheb’s Passion (Photo courtesy Pexels)

“Yaar Bina Chain Kahan Re”


  1. Who is the Music Director of the Film “Saaheb”?
  2. Bappi Lahiri is Music Director of the Film “Saaheb”.

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Producer – R.V. Films

Director – Anil Ganguli

Story – Ranjan Roy

Screenplay – Sachin Bhowmick

Dialogues – Madam Joshi

Lyricist – Anjaan


Anil Kapoor

Amrita Singh


Utpal Dutt


Dilip Dhavan

Vijay Arora

Deven Varma

A.K. Hangal


1.Yaar Bina Chain Kahan Re, Pyar Bina Chain Kahan Re,

Sona Nahin, Chandi Nahin, Yaar To Mila, Are Pyar Karle,

Sona Nahin, Chandi Nahin, Yaar To Mila, Are Pyar Karle,

2.Chalte Chale Laharon Ke Saath, Yaad Nahin Din Hai Ke Raat

3.Jawan Hai Dil Jawan Hain Hum, Mohabbat Ka Haseen Mausam

4.Kya Khabar Hai Kya Pata, Kya Khushi Hai Gham Hai Kya

5.Tuk Tuk Tuk Tuk Pyar Karoongi, Jo Bhi Hai Pasand Baar Baar Karoongi


Utpal Dutt, head of a middle-class family has four sons and one daughter.

His three sons Biswajit, Vijay Arora,  and  Dilip Dhawan are married. Fourth

son Anil Kapoor is unmarried and his daughter Geeta is engaged.

Rakhee is Biswajit’s wife and handles the entire house.  She is like a mother

to Anil Kapoor and Geeta.

Anil Kapoor loves Amrita Singh. Anil Kapoor is not educated and does not earn

anything. He is a good football player and all the time busy playing football.

For Geeta’s marriage, Utpal Dutt needs Rs.50,000/-, but his three married sons

do not pay any heed to his request, instead, they are ready to buy their own house,

which their father is going to sell to raise the money for his daughter’s wedding.

Anil Kapoor becomes restless when he observes his father’s helplessness.

He reads an advertisement in the newspaper that a rich man’s son wants a kidney.

The donor will be paid Rs.50,000/-.  Anil Kapoor meets the patient’s father. Everything

is finalized and Anil Kapoor goes through the kidney transplant. 

He gives money to Rakhee and his sister gets married, but no one appreciates him

for arranging money. In return he gets bad words from all family members, even his

father feels he has stolen money and given to them.

In the climax scene, Rakhee tells everybody about his sacrifice of Kidney donation.

Anil Kapoor is no more fit for playing football. He is happy for his sister married to a

good boy.

Friends, Saheb is a simple movie, with a good story, screenplay, dialogues, and beautiful

songs with Bappi Lahiri’s memorable music.

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