Sagar Kinare Dil Pukare

Sagar – Director Ramesh Sippy
“Haathon Mein Rehne Do Yeh Haath Sanam”
Q. Director of Film ‘Sagar’
A. Ramesh Sippy Directed Fim ‘Sagar’

Lyricist-Javed Akhtar

Music Director – R.D. Burman

Rishi Kapoor
Kamal Hasan
Dimple Kapadia
Shafi Inamdar
Kiran Vairale
Madhur Jeffery
Saeed Jeffery
Sagar Kinare Dil Ye Pukare
Chehra Hai Ya Chand Khila Hai
Yunhi Gate Raho
Sach Mere Yaar Hai
Jane Do Na
O Maria

The story is set in Goa. Kamal Hasan a Fishman lives with his Aunt Nadira.
He is in love with the local Bar Owner’s daughter Dimple Kapadia. Rishi Kapoor
is a wealthy boy, he has business in Goa and being looked after by his grandmother
Sushma Seth and manager Shafi Inamdar. Rishi and Kamal become friends.

Rishi loves Dimple and wants to marry her, but his grandmother is against it.
She forces Dimple to leave Rishi and marry someone else. Kamal is hurt being
rejected by Dimple.
Manager Shafi Inamdar wants to kill Rishi, so as to be the owner of the entire estate,
as he is running the business on behalf of Rishi’s grandmother. In an attempt to
kill Rishi, Kamal gets killed. Rishi and Dimple live happily thereafter.

Film SAGAR is a comeback film of Dimple Kapadia after marriage.
She started her career with Rishi Kapoor in Super Hit Film “BOBBY”.
Movie Lovers went to watch the movie for the same magic.
Sagar Film had all ingredients required for a hit Movie.
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