Victor Bannerjee and Parizad Zorabian
Q.  Who is the Music Director of the Film ‘Joggers’ Park’?
A. Music Director Tabun Sutradhar composed the music for the Film Joggers’ Park’.

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Produced By-Mukta Arts
Story By -Subhash Ghai
Directed By-Anant Balani
Actors – Victor Banerjee-Perizaad Zorabian-Girish Karnad-Abha Dhulia-Divya Dutta
Ishq Hota Nahin
Dil Jalta Hai (Remix)
Kabhi Pa Liya Kabhi Kho Diya
Badi Nazuk Hai
Jogger’s Park
Oh My Heart

Victor Banerjee, a middle-aged man is a Reputed, Judge. Perizaad Zorabian is a model and works for a hotel.
She is staying alone. They meet at Joggers’ Park.  This park is a place where people jog, run, walk, and meet.
While meeting each other daily, they become friends.  Soon friendship turns into infatuation. Though it is not a
love affair,  Perizad is not interested, she can not stop thinking about Victor.  Both are afraid of the consequences
of this love affair.

Simple story, but made beautifully. It was liked by the class section, who want to see the stories that happened
to us in reality.
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