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Maine Tere Bina Jeena Nahin Soch Liya

Q. Name of Bollywood movie starring Rekha and Jitendra The movie name starts with’ J’
A. Rekha and Jeetendra acted in 5 (Five Movies) Movies titles starting with ‘J’

1.  Jal Mahal
Story – Jeetendra saves Rekha from committing suicide. They both fall in love with each other. 
Jeetendra wants to marry Rekha and he proposes to her, but she is already married and commits suicide.
As time pass by he again meets Rekha look alike. Suspense till climax.

2. Jaal
Story – Mithun Chakraborty lives with his mother Tanuja in poverty-ridden life.  His father left them for
Courtesan Rekha. Mithun Loves poor girl Mandakini, whereas Moon Moon Sen also loves him, she is
the daughter of a rich man.  Rekha hires Mithun to spy on Gulshan Grover and Tej Sapru, they are
Moon Moon Sen’s brothers. While working for Rekha he realizes that she is none other than the courtesan
who has destroyed his as well as his mother’s life.  With Mithun’s help, she wants to destroy all others,
who were involved in Vinod Mehra and Jeetendra’s murder.
3. Jaan Hatheli Pe
Story – The story revolves around Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Jeetendra, and Rekha. Dharmendra is married
to Hema Malini.  He runs a diamond smuggling business.  Hema Malini is not aware of it.   He wants to leave
the business but is unable to leave until he completes the task assigned to him by the syndicate.  Jeetendra is the
eyewitness to the assignment and informs the police.  Dharmendra and Hema Malini are arrested as diamonds
are found in their house. These diamonds were supposed to be smuggled. Dharmendra gets bail, whereas
Hema Malini hates Dharmendra for keeping her in dark and remains in jail.  Now Dharmendra is against Jeetendra
and wants to destroy him at any cost.

4. Judai
Story – As the title suggests, Judai is leaving their spouse during the dawn of life and meets again at the sunset of life. 
Jeetendra, a doctor by profession has to marry his servant’s daughter Rekha to fulfill his father’s last wish.
They both are grown together so know each other very well. Rekha is aware of Jeetendra having several
girlfriends. Jeetendra and Rekha have one Son (young Sachin) and Rekha is pregnant.

After marriage, she suspects his girlfriend Asha Sachdev of having affair with him. She sees them together many
times, as Jeetendra is treating her daughter.  Jeetendra and Rekha quarrel regularly and one day decides to leave
each other.  Jeetendra keeps his son with him.
Rekha gives birth to another son (young Arun Govil). Years pass Young Sachin and Arun Govil work at the
same place and become friends.  They Get married to their loved ones. The daughter-in-law of Jeetendra and
 Rekha treats them badly.
They both realize that a real companion in life is none other than the spouse. All ends well on a good note. At last the
long Judai ends in love and affection for each other.

5. Jaani Dushman
Story – A multi-star horror film.  A groom turns into a monster and kills newly-wed brides on their
wedding night. Rekha is cast opposite Sunil Dutt. Jeetendra opposite Neetu Singh. A suspense thriller,
good to watch than to read in the synopsis.
Friends, Jeetendra and Rekha were the busiest actors during the peak of their acting careers. 
They did many films together, which were Jubilee Hits.
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