“Bansuri Tere Man Bhaayi”
Q.Who were the actors performing in Radhike tune bansuri churayi song?
A. Actor Sunil Dutt and Actress B. Saroja Devi performed in Radhike tune
bansuri churayi song in Film ‘Beti Bete’ (A Very Sensitive Film).
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Film Actors – Sunil Dutt, Jamna (South Actress),
B. Saroja Devi (South Actress)
Jayant, Mehmood, Sudesh Kumar, Shubha Khote.
Film Director-L.V. Prasad
The Film had all hummable and beautifully picturized songs. 

1.Aaj Kal Mein Dhal Gaya
(In Two versions Male & Female)
2.Gori Chalo Na Hans Ki Chal
3.Agar Teri Jalwa Numai Na Hoti
4.Naino Wali Tere Naina Jadu Kar Gaye
5.Admi Woh Hai Jo Khela Kare Toofano Se
The film story is still well etched in the memory of the audience.
Actor Jayant is a widower with three young children, who losses his eyesight in an
Industrial accident, and lost his job too. Unable to feed them, he runs away from
home and becomes a beggar, believing his children will be happy in an orphanage.
The elder daughter is just 10 years, and two brothers one 5 and the other just 2 years
get separated from each other while traveling on a train.
All three grew up in different homes. Elder Sister Actress Jamna is rescued by a well
to do family and gets the attention of their son Sudesh Kumar.
Younger Brother was found on a train by a wealthy family, they treat him like a son who
grows up as Actor Sunil Dutt. He loves Actress B. Saroja Devi.
Youngest Brother is Actor Mehmood. He does odd jobs but is very talkative and handsome.
He loves Actress Shubha Khote.
In the end, all are united with each other and live happily in their respective homes.
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