Film Anokhi Raat-Music Director Roshan

Q. Why there are two music directors in the film Anokhi Raat?
A. Originally Roshan was the Music Director of the Film Anokhi Raat, but he passed away. 
Music Director – Roshan
Music Director Salil Chaudhary took over the project and did the background music for the film.
Music Director – Salil Chaudhary
The Film is dedicated to Roshan Saheb.

Film Director-Asit Sen
Anokhi Raat-Black & White Film with vintage Props.
1.Mahalon Ka Raja Mila Rani Beti Raaj Karegi
2.Mile Na Phool To Kaaton Se Dosti Karli
3.Meri Beri Ke Ber Na Todo
4.O Re Taal Mile Nadi Ke Jalse
5.Dulhan Se Tumhara Milan Hoga
Sanjeev Kumar
Parikshit Sahni
Aruna Irani
Tarun Bose
Nana Palshikar
Mukri-Anwar Hussain
Brahm Bhardwaj
Badri Prasad
Zaheeda (Heroine) of the film stays with her grandfather in a Big Mansion, full of beautiful
decorative vintage items. It is to be auctioned as Zaheeda’s late father has taken a loan from
Tarun Bose. Tarun Bose brings his lawyer and couple Nana Palshikar (old man) married
to Aruna Irani (young girl). It is a rainy night and a painter singer-Parikshit Sahni visits the
Mansion for shelter. There is a conflict between all of them on a stormy night.
Suddenly a Dacoit knocks on the mansion. He is none other than Sanjeev Kumar, who was a
simple man and turned into a dacoit. Zaheeda looks similar to his late wife and he is surprised.
Sanjeev Kumar too has his story, which is the reason for him being dacoit now.
Everything falls into place gradually in the end.
The film is Black and White with a beautiful Mansion and Rich Props. A must-watch.
It has three plots in one story weaved together beautifully.
Actress Zaheeda is Nargis’s Niece and Parikshit Sahni is the Son of Balraj Sahni.
It is the debut film of both the actors.
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