Film-Aa Gale Lag Ja-Shashi Kapoor

Aa Gale Lag Ja


Tera Mujhse Hai Pahle Ka Nata Koi

Q. Story of a movie where a Hero has sex with the actress to save her life?

A. Film AA GALE LAG JA (Shashi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore)

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Shashi Kapoor

Sharmila Tagore

Shatrughan Sinha

Om Prakash

Master Tito

The Film had all melodious Songs

1. Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Nata Koi (in two versions)
2. Na Koi Pehlu Mein Aya, Na Koi Dil Mein Samaya
3. Wada Karo Nahin
4. Sun Mere Bete

Story –

Hero Shashi Kapoor is a Middle-Class Boy, who is in love with a Wealthy Girl Sharmila Tagore. 

Sharmila Tagore is proud of her beauty and wealth.  She too loves Shashi Kapoor, But her

father is against it. One day both are trapped in the snowstorm, wherein Sharmila Tagore

almost dies, but Shashi Kapoor saves her from the cold by making love to her. This incident

makes her pregnant.  She feels Shashi Kapoor has taken advantage of her and hates her for this.

She is an unwed mother, who gives birth to a child. Her father gives the child to Shashi Kapoor with a

warning that he will not return back in her life. The child grows up but is unable to walk properly.

Gradually he walks on crutches.

Shatrughan Sinha is Doctor.  He is treating the child.  Sharmila Tagore’s father is keen to get her

married to Shatrughan Sinha.  Coincidently Sharmila Tagore meets the child and started liking her.

In the climax, Shashi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore are united with each other with the help of 

Shatrughan Sinha.

The film was directed by Manmohan Desai

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