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Chetna-Sapan Jagmohan-Main To Har Mod Par


“Main To Har Mod Par Tujhko Doonga Sada”
Q. Who is the Music Director of Song Main To Har Mod Par Tujhko Doonga Sada?
A. Music Director Sapan Jagmohan composed Music for the song,
Main To Har Mod Par Tujhko Doonga Sada for Film ‘Chetna’
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Director-B.R. Ishara
Shatrughan Sinha
Rehana Sultan
Anil Dhawan
Laxmi Chhaya
Main To Har Mod Par Tujhko Doonga Sada (Happy Mood)
Main To Har Mod Par Tujhko Doonga Sada (Sad Mood)
Jeevan Hai Ik Bhool Sajanva Bin Tere
Story – Shatrughan Sinha is a Villain in the Film. He tries to exploit Rehana Sultan (a prostitute).
Through Shatrughan Sinha, Rehana meets Anil Dhawan, who is simple and shy by nature.
They regularly meet and fall in love with each other and get married, but Shatrughan Sinha
being notorious by nature spoils everything between them. 
Chetna was an ‘Adult’ Film.  The film was very much in news during its release, as it was a bold
subject for the audience and was liked by its gripping plot. Its posters were also very much in the news.
Chetna was made with a good intention as the plot was to re-store a prostitute’s faith 
in a man who wants to marry her and give her the good life she deserves.
This film made Shatrughan Sinha the best Villain of that time. 
He was flooded with offers from big and good banners.
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